We get a lot of questions about Facebook ads and want to clear up some myths today.


1 ) It’s only for big businesses

This one comes up a lot and we often ask what is considered a big business? Does a big business mean that there are a lot of employees, does it mean turnover, does it mean a large office?

The term big business is ambiguous but let’s for a minute assume that we’re talking employees and/or turnover.

Having a large number of employees doesn’t automatically mean that a company has a large turnover and therefore a marketing budget. Simultaneously, having a very lean team doesn’t mean that the company has little turnover.

It’s practically impossible to see what goes on behind closed doors, unless a business is listed on the stock exchange. You most certainly don’t need to be listed on the stock exchange to be using Facebook advertising in your business.

At Ostara we work with plenty of small businesses, from solo-preneurs to people with a small team of employees or contractors. We get super excited to help smaller businesses make the big bucks.


2) You need a large advertising budget

This point might be linked to the previous, but you don’t need a big budget to run Facebook ads successfully. We once worked with a client and we spent less than $200 to make $6,000. That’s a pretty tiny budget in Facebook’s gigantic pool of ads revenue and we still achieved awesome results.

You can start with as little as $5 per day and if you’re not seeing results after a few days (give it some time please) you have the option to pause or switch your ad off. Try pausing a magazine ad…


3) It doesn’t work for my business

Whenever we hear someone say this we have the urge to do one of two things. One is to walk away because they’ve already made up their mind, two is to ask them for statistics from their last Facebook ads campaign.

The Facebook ads manager dashboard gives you an amazing array of numbers and these numbers will tell you a story. If you’re unable to decipher this story you’ll come to the conclusion that Facebook ads don’t work. If you CAN decipher the story, you’ll find out what really went ‘wrong’ and get an opportunity to make changes so that your ads WILL work.

This is what we do best. It’s so exciting to dive into the numbers for our clients and turn things around so that their ads work and their business can flourish.


There you go, here are the things you should never believe about Facebook advertising. In fact, we’re of the opinion that you should always do you research and due diligence about any topic rather than blindly following advice from ‘random’ strangers on the internet. If you want to talk about Facebook ads for your business, book a call with our team today. We’re happy to tell you whether your business is ready for Facebook ads or not.