You’ve built a solid service business and want to create some leverage so that you can take some time away from your business and/or supplement your income.


Before you dive headfirst into creating your online course, there are a few things you should consider first.

Creating and launching an online course takes a whole lot more than just these three points but let’s start with the most important steps. We’re addressing the 3 steps you must take before launching your online course.


1. Validate your idea

This first step might make total sense to you, or you may not have thought about it. Either way, it’s really important that you validate your ideas before you spend hours, days and months writing course content, creating sales pages and designing social media posts.

Just because you have worked in an area for a number of years doesn’t necessarily mean that people want to do a course on a topic in your area of specialisation. Sometimes creating a course on the topic of your service based business means that you need to build a new audience as well because your current audience is with you for your services and done-for-you work.

Before you invest your time and money into creating a course, make sure that you talk to people and ask them what their biggest challenges are and how they prefer to have them solved.


2. Create a launch strategy

Every launch needs a launch strategy, just like every road trip needs Google maps (or some other method that ensures you arrive at your desired location).

A launch strategy means that you know exactly what needs to happen and when. It means that you’re prepared for every step, it’ll make your launch less stressful and it’ll increase your chances of having a successful launch.

After all, without a roadmap you might be going around in circles or end up in some unknown and unwanted destination.

We, at Ostara, love working with our clients on launch strategy. Having been behind the scences of multiple 6 and 7 figure launches gives us an insight of what will and won’t work for certain businesses. Get in touch if you want to talk launch strategy.


3. Build your list and audience

This step is vital (so are the others) because without anyone to launch your course to you’re not going to be able to sell. An audience of zero means zero sales.

You might say ‘but what about my Facebook followers or website visitors’? Although they count for something, they won’t give you the same loyalty or return on investment as your email subscribers.

Facebook controls the newsfeed and the likelihood of your followers seeing your promotional posts is pretty slim. Even if they see them, it is unlikely that they’ll purchase your course because they haven’t been nurtured in a way that email can do. The same goes for your website visitors.

It can take quite a while for someone to purchase your course and often it’s as a result of them getting to know, like and trust you over a period of time. They need to know that what you’re offering is really going to solve their challenges, and often it takes time for someone to really believe this before handing over their money.

Your list is one of the most important assets in selling your course and the earlier you start building it, the better.

List Building with Facebook ads is our jam. Launching with Facebook ads is our cup of tea. If you want some of this smorgasboard, get in touch below.