Online marketing covers a number of things which can all be put under the big umbrella of marketing activities you could be doing in your business. It’s no wonder small business owners feel overwhelmed by the myriad of options available to them.

Most business owners try the scattergun approach of trying everything in the hope they will have success with something. They’ll have a website, a blog, are on social media, spend time in Facebook groups, go to networking events etc.

Can you see how this would get tiring?

We’re not saying that these marketing tactics are wrong, but doing them all can leave you tired and unfocused. You might even want to give up after a while because you’re spending all your time marketing and none of it on client work (if you actually get any clients from this scattergun approach!).

This trial and error, throw everything at it approach simply isn’t sustainable and doesn’t necessarily give you results (in fact, for most people it leads us to exhaustion, overwhelm and empty pockets).

We’d like to share the 5 online marketing mistakes you’re making in your business, and how you can avoid making them.

1: No email list

You may have heard some marketing gurus advocate building an email list. We’re going to add our vote for an email list here. Yes, we’re big advocates as well!

Email plays a vital role in online marketing because it’s the perfect way to lead someone from being interested in what you sell to actually purchasing (if done well!). When someone comes to your website, they might not be ready to buy right at that moment. So what other option can you give them to turn them into a paying customer at a later stage?

You may have seen other business owners offer something for free, like a PDF or video series. This is called an opt-in (or freebie, or lead magnet) and this has proven to be an excellent way to capture those who are not yet ready to purchase. It gives you a means to contact them in future, without relying on social media algorithms to deliver your message for you.

Keen to create your opt-in gift? Get in touch with us so we can brainstorm with you.

2: No consistent content creation

Ever heard the saying that ‘content is king’?

We think that saying is a little bit over the top but we do agree that it is important to create content for your business.

Content helps you in establishing and showcasing your expertise. It also helps you in building trust and authority as someone who knows their topic and offers value to their community.

The online space is getting crowded and noisy so providing valuable information through either written, visual or audio content is one way to stand out and build a relationship with your audience in a way that’s not salesy but informational.

Content comes in many shapes or forms. You can create a blog, videos, podcasts, images or you can share your content via social media.

3: Doing too many things

There are so many marketing tactics out there you can do to promote your business. There’s a myriad of social media platforms, numerous Facebook groups and lots of ways to distribute videos. What do you pick and where do you start?

Doing it all is overwhelming, plus you’ll soon be spreading yourself too thin.

You don’t need to do it all. Pick one social media channel and be awesome at it!

If you want to be in Facebook groups, focus on no more than 5 to start with so that you become known for what you do and people recognise you when you post something.

As for all the other marketing tactics. Pick only a few that resonate with you and where you know you can reach your ideal client.

Want to outsource your marketing? Get in touch because we can do it for you.

4: Focusing on vanity metrics

Following on from doing too many things, I often see business owners focusing on the wrong numbers as well.

They are focused on the number of likes, comments, website visits etc but what they really should be focusing on is PURCHASE CONVERSIONS.

Likes, comments, website visits, page views are great, but they’re really only vanity metrics because they won’t necessarily give you an income.

Start tracking where your sales are coming from so that you know where to focus your efforts. Is it from your email list? From a particular Facebook group? Or perhaps from in-person conversations?

Track and focus on the right numbers.

5: No strategy

Perhaps we should have put this one at the top but we decided that this is the one you need to remember so we’re going to close with it.

Too many business owners take the trial and error approach and don’t have a strategy for what they are trying to achieve, which often gives them trial and error results and a lack of sustainable growth or income.

The idea of a strategy is that you take an intentional approach. You create a plan and a roadmap for your business. Most of us know where we want to be going, we just forget to input the route through creating a strategy so we’re often off-track by the end of the year.

To map out your strategy, first define your ultimate goal for your marketing activity and then, working backwards, map out each step your audience needs to take or each potential interaction they will have with you. This includes your website, email, content, social media and promotions.

Are you facing any of these challenges? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you’re ready to create a plan for your business growth but are unsure where to start, please get in touch. In a strategy session we can map out a path to success for your business.