As an agency that manages a number of clients’ Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns we’re all for advertising. A larger number of people are using social media, and with that the number of business using social is rising too. This means it’s getting harder to be seen in the ever busy newsfeed.

Paid media can help your business be seen by your ideal clients and we say that 2020 is the year to venture into Facebook advertising.

We’ve made a list of 6 reasons why your business should consider Facebook and Instagram advertising this year.


1) Facebook is the largest social media platform 

At the time of writing this article, Facebook has 2.45 billion active users per month! That’s a big number and the platform is growing on a daily basis. At the moment it’s growing at a rate of 8% year over year.

Not all of these users will be your ideal client but even if 1% falls into the category of being your ideal client, that means there is a large pool of potential clients. 

If you are under the impression that your ideal client isn’t on Facebook then we’re not sure where they hang out because it’s still one of the largest social media platforms around and most people have a presence on the platform.


2) Sharp Facebook ads audience targeting

There are lots of targeting options with Facebook and Instagram ads and because it’s the biggest social media platform around, you can safely say that your ideal client is using it. Now you need to utilise Facebook’s comprehensive targeting options to reach your ideal client. 

When using Facebook ads you can target your ideal client based on a number of qualities such as age, gender, location, income, interest, other pages on Facebook they like, if they are parents of a certain age group, newly weds, home owners and so much more. The options are almost endless. Once the targeting is perfected you take away the uncertainty and minimise the risk of wasting money on advertising to people that would never need your services or products.


3) Retargeting magic

Have you ever gone to a website and then moved onto Facebook, only to be ‘followed around’ by that same website? Creepy right?! This is called retargeting or remarketing and it seriously is magic and should be your new best friend.

You have the option of uploading your email list into Facebook and you be able to retarget people on your list with ads on Facebook. You can also retarget people who have visited your website or specific pages on your website, as long as you have a Facebook pixel installed. If you have an online shop selling products, you can retarget people who reached the checkout page but didn’t purchase.

In short, you can ‘follow’ people around to remind them of your business and product and although it might sound creepy, we all get distracted at times and need reminders to complete what we were doing. There is strong evidence that we need to be reminded to purchase something and retargeting has amazing results for our clients.


4) It’s the cheapest advertising around

Facebook ads are one of the cheapest ways to advertise and often with a high return on investment. You have the option to set a daily budget of $5 per day and test what is and isn’t working for you before scaling your ads. If they’re not working the ads can be switched off, which isn’t something that’s possible for TV or magazine ads.

Facebook is set up so that any business owner at any stage of their business can run Facebook ads. Facebook ads tend to be much cheaper than traditional marketing strategies and you have more control over who sees your ads. As mentioned before, there’s flexibility in testing your ads and tweaking them until they are producing the results you are aiming for. It is designed in a way that you are not throwing money at marketing that is not working. Facebook wants your ads to succeed because it will have you coming back for more.


5) Accurate and easy tracking of ROI

Facebook makes it super easy to track whether your ads are working. If they are set up correctly and all of the right pixels are installed, there’s an option to set up custom reports to track the ads’ performance. The ads report will reflect real time data allowing you to make tweaks if the ads aren’t performing.

This is where we completely geek out and get incredible results for our clients.


6) Facebook owns Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram. This makes it an even bigger marketing platform. Instagram advertising is managed through the same infrastructure as Facebook ads, which means you can get your business in front of even more people.

At the time of writing this post there are 1 billion active users on Instagram each month. Your audience is bound to be on Instagram and by combining Facebook and Instagram ads your business will be able to reach more people and potentially sell more.

Now you know the 6 reasons why you should be using Facebook ads in your marketing strategy in 2020 whether you are an online business, ecommerce store or a local business.

If you have tried Facebook ads before and didn’t see results or you are just so overwhelmed by running ads, check out how we can work together.

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