Turn $541 into $55,572 A MONTH


You have an amazing product that people absolutely love…

If only they could find it.

You want someone to get your amazing products in front of the right people so you don’t need to worry about where your next sale will come from.

You want a steady influx of orders every day.

Facebook ads could be your answer… but there’s just one dilemma.

You’ve tried running Facebook ads yourself, but you’re not completely sure how to get the most out of it.

You’ve done courses so you technically know how to do it, but you simply don’t have the time or desire to run your own ads.

You recognise it’s not your zone of genius and you just want someone good to do it for you. 

You know Facebook Ads is the way to go to grow your business…

but you don’t know how to get to most out of it by doing it yourself.

Facebook ads help our clients have their biggest months ever.

That’s why we offer to take Facebook & Instagram advertising off your hands so that you can put your online shop sales on autopilot.

You don’t need to become an expert at something you’re not passionate about and leave it up to someone who eats, sleeps and dreams Facebook Ads.

You don’t need to keep up to date with Facebook’s constant changes, because let’s be honest Facebook makes changes faster than you blink your eyes.

All you need to do is sit back, let us work our magic and watch the results come in.

Our service recognises the needs of your online shop and the strategies that work today to get your products in the hands of your ideal client.

We created this service because we know how important getting the right leads is to having a successful e-commerce business.

Working closely together, for each campaign we’ll take care of


Custom Strategy

Complete ad strategy for your sales funnel, upcoming webinar, launch or list-building promotion from a pro.


Facebook Ads Copy

Professionally crafted copy that converts fans into subscribers and subscribers into buyers.


Image Design

Loveable (and click-worthy!) images designed by our in-house graphic designer.


Pixel Placement

Placing the right tracking pixels on the right pages, to track and measure your results.


Campaign and Ad Set Up

Setting up and managing your ad in Facebook ads manager.


Daily Monitoring

Daily hands-on tweaking and testing to get you the best results at the lowest possible cost per conversion.


e-Commerce Review

Reviewing your e-commerce pages to make sure your Facebook ads will be approved.


Laser Sharp Targeting

Audience targeting set up to attract paying clients.



Monthly and/or weekly reporting dashboard to show you how your ads are doing.

You’ll also get



Analytics Tracking Setup

We’ll setup all of the analytics tracking tools for you to ensure accurate data capture, optimisation opportunities, reporting transparency and positive ROAS.


Marketing Audit Report

Your sales results don’t just rely on the ads, that’s why we perform a complete digital marketing audit that ensures that you get the best outcome from your campaigns.

Here’s how it works

  • You answer some questions about you, your clients and your business goals so that we get to immerse ourselves in your business before our call.
  • We get on a call and discuss your goals in real time to make sure that we both share your vision for your launch.
  • If we’re a good fit to work together, you’ll make a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your place in our calendar.
  • Once we’ve received your deposit, we’ll start working on your strategy.
  • You’ll get a welcome package with a timeline for you, so that we make sure your launch stays on track. 
  • You’ll get your own private Google Drive Folder, so that we can keep all your relevant launch documents in one, safe place. This will be our collaborative workspace. 
  • We’ll tell you what we need from you to make it easy for you to get all your ducks in a row for your ads & stay on track. You send us everything on the list. 
  • You give us feedback on all the images, ad copy & relevant assets when prompted by us so that we can be sure that you’re 100% confident about how we’re appealing to your ideal clients.
  • We’ll research your ideal client and target audience so that we know exactly who you’re targeting & get only the best people that are most willing to buy from you. We’ll put a list of my research findings in your Google Folder.   
  • We’ll write your ad copy, design your images and review your shop pages to make sure they’re supporting your sales, instead of costing you new clients.   
  • You’ll review the copy and images we have sent you and let us know what your thoughts are, so that we make sure that you’re happy with your copy and images and it speaks to your ideal client. 
  • You review the target audience suggestions and let us know who you feel is your strongest audience so that we prioritise the right audience for your offer and increase your success rate.
  • We will setup your campaigns and ads with precision so that we optimize them for conversion and aim for the best result possible.  


  • We share a preview of your ad with you and seek your feedback to make sure that your offer is well presented and we’re both happy with it to go live.


  • We will schedule your ads to go live at the agreed time and monitor Facebook’s response to your ad.
  • Each day we will monitor your ads in Ads manager so that you are getting the best results for your advertising budget.  
  • We will apply my analytical eye to your ads to read and interpret the data Facebook supplies us and if needed we will tweak your ads for better performance. 
  • Paying close attention to your ads, we will switch off what’s not working and optimise what is so that you’re not wasting any money and get the best possible conversion for your dollars.
  • In your Google Folder you will have instant access to your results, which we update frequently in a Google sheet so that you’re always up to date with how your list building is tracking.  
  • We’ll be in touch with you often to inform you of your ads performance so that we can troubleshoot collaboratively if needed.
  • We’ll get on a call 48 hours after your ads started to discuss results so that you have an understanding of your campaign, your conversion results, your target market’s behaviour towards your products and any lessons that may be helpful for the future.

But what you’re really getting is


We’ve got 10+ years of marketing experience & are experts at converting paid traffic into paying customers using Facebook Ads. We’ve made a lot of mistakes and learnt a lot along the way. Now, it’s our job to share those lessons with you.


Facebook Ads can cause a lot of “am I doing this right” angst. Our process is so thorough that you’ll have no doubt that we’ve done everything in our power to get you the best results possible.


Working with us on your Facebook Ads can triple your leads. It’s happened before & it’ll most likely happen again. Because we’re 100% committed to adding a revenue boost to your launch.

Peace of mind

You don’t have to sleep with one eye on your Facebook analytics. We’ll do a daily data review & interpretation for you to constantly be tweaking & improving your ads without you having to even think about it.


Facebook ads are hard. There’s so many nuances to consider. But we’ll take all of that strategy & implementation off your hands. With our help, you’ll have more time to focus on what you do best, without having to worry about your ads.

Achieved an ROAS of 4.16 for an orgonite e-commerce store

Turned $541.32 into $55,572 for an online footwear brand

What kind of results can I expect?

There is no guarantee when it comes to FB ads (and question anyone who tells you there is!) but here are some of the results we have had in working with clients.

But aren’t Facebook ads a risk and a gamble?

How do I know I’ll get results?

It’s true – there are no guarantees when it comes to Facebook & Instagram ads.

But there are a lot of things that we do behind the scenes to line everything up for success for you. Our clients have great success because of this ‘no stone left unturned’ approach to Facebook advertising.

Here are some of the biggest secrets to reducing the risk that your ads will flop & dramatically increase the chances that your campaign will be a huge success:

Success Booster #1: Knowing your ideal client really, really well

Knowing your ideal client really well helps us with creating a strategy that speaks to them, so we can craft copy and create images that make your ideal client feel like it was created especially for them (which it is!).

Crafting click-worthy copy and creating images that stop your ideal client scrolling their ever-busy newsfeed is the first step to Facebook ads success. It also helps us get laser sharp on your target audience in Facebook, so you get the best ROI and only those in your store who really want to buy from you.

Success Booster #2: Confirm that your products sell

Facebook ads are not a tool that fixes a broken shop. Sales are made because you have a product that people want and it already sells like hot-cakes.

You’ve sold your product before and your tribe love what you do, so your shop is already converting without any help from Facebook Ads.

Success Booster #3: Prepare/launch/publish your ads in advance

We don’t jump straight into setting your ads up. Investing time at the beginning to set yourself up for success will save you money down the track when your ads are performing well (instead of just stabbing blindly at the 1.56 billion people who are on Facebook everyday).

Facebook ads are a long term strategy and take care and precision to prepare. All good things take time right, after all it takes 6 hours to build a Toyota and 6 months to build a Rolls Royce. We’re building you the Rolls Royce of Facebook ads.

Success Booster #4: Listen to what the data is telling you

For each new campaign, we’ll take the time to come up with at least 4 different Facebook Ad Designs and then test each one. Facebook actually tells you which ads and ad set in your campaign will get you the best results, for the lowest investment. It’s just a matter of knowing how to read the data.

Luckily for you, it’s our job to interpret this data and tell you in plain English how we can tweak your ads or other website pieces so that you get better results with less money.

“I’ve worked with other FB ads people before, but working with Bianca has been extraordinary! Her attention to ad design, copy, and audience is detailed and well-researched. She absolutely nailed my audience, right off the bat. Within one week of my campaign going live, Bianca had grown my list by 800 at an average cost per sign up of $0.62!”

Morgan MacDonald


“For the first time my Facebook advertising actually worked. I spend $193 on ads made $6,000! Now that’s what I call return on investment! Thanks Bianca!”

Kate Toon


How do I know this is right for me?

We’ve got to be honest with you: this service isn’t for everyone. We only work with people we KNOW we can help and screen each application individually. We have limited spots available because we’re committed to getting the best results that we possibly can for you.

So please read the following carefully to make sure this is right for you so that we can help set you up for success:

You want to use Facebook & Instagram ads as a key part of your long-term strategy.

You have a proven product that you have successfully sold without the help of Facebook ads.

You have a product page and website that converts at least 2% to buyers.

You have a product that costs $100 or more and/or an average order value of $100 or more

You know EXACTLY who your dream client is (and you’d never dream of listing something as vague as “women between 18 -60”).

Want to work collaboratively on getting results, but are not a micromanager. (you trust that we’re the expert and trust the process. We will communicate with you when things need to be tweaked).

You are ready to invest in your business growth and understand that there is no guarantee with Facebook Ads, but by working together we dramatically increase your chances of success.

You’re open to professional feedback and take action on making changes to get better results. If we need to tweak your product pages, website or copy to get better results, it’s important that you don’t take feedback personally.

This is not for you if

Investing money in Facebook Ads is going to put a strain on your budget and make you worry about your finances.

You expect instant, overnight results. Facebook Ads take time to perfect, even when done by a pro.

Micromanagers; you need to trust that we are experts at this and what we’re doing is setting you up for long-term success even though we’re not seeing immediate results in the first 72 hrs.

You haven’t sold anything yet. You need to have an offer & know without a doubt who you want to walk through your digital doors. You’ll get even better results with a well performing, proven product.

You think Facebook ads will save your business. Facebook ads requires a well formulated strategy and needs to be part of your overall launch plan. Whilst it can certainly bring many clients through your digital doors, Facebook ads alone will not convert them to sales. That’s what your website and product pages are for.

Contributed to 229 sales (out of 280) for an online business program, with 128 sales as a result of retargeting ads. Total launch sales were over $150K

Turned $119 into $4,590.45 for an online children’s toy and book store

Added 10,033 new leads for online yoga teacher training

Added 8,545 new leads to the waitlist of an online priestess school

Please click the button below to apply for a strategy call

Our ecommerce packages start at $1500/month (+ GST for Australian businesses). Service agreements start with a 3 month minimum. The majority of private clients maintain ongoing year-round agreements.

I know it can be scary investing in Facebook ads when there’s no guarantee that they’ll work immediately. You might be thinking, “It’s too hard” or “It’s too scary.”

But that’s a tragic mistake. Here’s why…

Everything about this service is designed to dramatically increase your chances of success.

One of our clients invested in working with us. Together we spent $382 on ads for a $26,300 return. That’s a 6800x return on her investment.

Another client grew her list by 800 within a week of turning on her ads at an average cost per sign up of $0.62.

After working with us for one month, one client has seen a list growth of more than 7,000 new leads at an average cost per sign up of $0.51.

Another client achieved a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 10.59 as a result of working with us for 3 months.

These are the kind of results that you can’t get on your own.

(If you can, then you definitely shouldn’t hire us.)

We’ve spent over 5 years testing & tweaking what works for Facebook ads, on top of 10+ years of marketing knowledge. It cost us a lot of money & we made a tonne of mistakes, but now we’re growing bank balances every day!

Now we get to help you avoid those same mistakes & jump headfirst in ads and get some of the best results you’ve seen with your ads, even if you’ve worked with other Facebook Ad Specialists before.

Will you be our next Facebook ads success story?

You’ve got a great product that you want to sell. You’ve put so much work into it to get it to this point. It’d be a shame to leave your money on table, when it really counts.

Facebook Ads are the cheapest & easiest way to get more eyeballs on your offer… only if you do them right. If you don’t do them right, they’re a flat out waste of money. Let us take your Facebook ads off your hands & give you far, far better results that you could achieve on your own.

Ask yourself this: How would your sales change if you could get in front of thousands of new people with minimal extra effort?

How will your life change if you sell your products with zero stress?

What will you do with all the extra revenue your ads bring in?

Hire another team member?

Book a week at a luxury resort?

Upgrade your website?

We’d love to get you the kind of result that you’ve read about on this page.

You decide. The ball is in your court. We’d love to help your online store be a huge success.

An average ROAS of 12.16 for an online women’s fashion store

20 sales with an average ROAS of 5.28 in 3 days for a baby & children’s sleep consultant

An average ROAS of 124.62 for an online grocer

Turned $1,094.98 into $10,080 in 15 days for an artist’s online store, and we’re not done yet.

When can we start?

This depends on your application and our availability. The earlier you contact me us, the more likely it is that we will be able to work together. We recommend getting in touch at least 6 weeks before your desired start date, but sometimes we do take on last-minute projects.

Is there 1:1 time?

This package does not include any 1:1 time with us apart from a quick call to ensure that we’re a good fit to work together. As soon as we start working together most of our communications will happen via email and in your client project zone.

How long will we work together?

We ask that you commit to working with us for least 3 months. The best results happen when you approach Facebook Ads as a long term strategy. Your potential clients may need time to get to know you before they invest in your products. We’ve seen the best results with clients who work with us for at least 3 months but generally commit to at 6 months or longer. If you have specific requirements please get in touch.

Does this include my ads budget?

Our Ads Management package pricing excludes your Facebook Ads budget. We recommend to have at least $1000/month set aside for ads depending on your objectives.

How long does it take to make money back with ads?

Results vary but we encourage clients to work with us for at least 90 days because that allows us to test what works best for your audience, get the ads optimised and analyse your entire funnel in the process. 

Are you sure you can run ads for me?

Without reading your application and having a call with you, no. However, after having a call and approving your application then 100%, yes. We only say yes to work with people we know we can help and we’re looking for people with proven products & services that need winning marketing & Facebook ad strategy to get to the next level. 

Please click the button below to apply for a strategy call

Our ecommerce packages start at $1500/month (+ GST for Australian businesses). Service agreements start with a 3 month minimum. The majority of private clients maintain ongoing year-round agreements.